Saturday, January 22, 2011

22 Truths

1. I met my twin. His name is Mary. And so is mine. But you're not allowed to call me that. Unless you're Mary.

2. For the first time ever, I was "that guy."

3. Real life usually doesn't make me cry. Over the last 24 hours, I've shed tears on 4 different occasions.

4. I finished season 6 of "The Office", season 3 of "Weeds," and started catching up on "Glee." Life is good.

5. The newest woman I'd go hetero for is Gwyneth Paltro.

6. The first woman I am tempted to go hetero for in 7 years is a gorgeous blonde girl from Poland. I think I have a newfound appreciation for the golden-haired.

7. You'd think that if you didn't have to drive, you wouldn't miss it. I haven't driven a car now for over 2 months, and I'm going through withdrawals. No seriously, I almost asked the cab driver if I could trade him seats.

8. Fashion 101: white dress shoes always look better on the shelf than on your feet. I learned that the hard way.

9. Sometimes I meet people that know other people I know, or I come across strangers who are familiar with places I love. It makes me feel like the world is a tiny place. Then I step out onto the open deck of our ship, and all I can see is water in every direction I look, and I feel like it's not the world that's tiny; it's me that's tiny.

10. My daily shower count has increased in average from 1.25 to 2.3 ish. That's what happens when you live on a cruise ship, and the only place you can truly be alone is your own bathroom.

11. I went for a long walk with a new friend named Danny. He spoke to me for about 2 1/2 hours about his life, and I contributed maybe 15 min worth of conversation about my views of God, people, and love. He thought that what I said was profound. Sometimes, less is more.

12. Coming clean is hard to do, but here goes: I eat my feelings away.

13. I always promise that I'll get on Facebook, and respond to everyone. However, the task has become so daunting that sometimes, I'm afraid to log on. I'm sorry.

14. As much as Rachal Berry annoys me, my iTunes claims that the Glee songs I listen to the most are the ones that she sings. :/

15. When I left home for this job, I was sad because I was going to miss my family and extended family. I was told not to worry because I'd become family with all my new crew mates. That's become very true, but no one warned me that members of my new family would move on and off the ship constantly. I'm reminded constantly that no matter what, I and my family will be chronically transient.

16. Generally, I hate American cops. But I love my Canadian Detective Constable!

17. I am not photogenic. I am coming to terms with the fact that I will never be a runway model for Fahion Week in Milano. Oh well...

18. If Ke$ha can sing, anyone can sing.

19. I said "Memorex, the Cassette Tape Brand" to someone last week, and they had no idea what I meant. I am so old.

20. And I was offered free botox. Old.

21. Chocolate makes everything better. And when chocolate fails, try napping.

22. I haven't blogged in several months. I'd forgotten how therapeutic it is for me. I'd also forgotten how long it takes me...

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Mrs. Boojwa said...

So you're on a cruise ship. That's cool. How did that happen? Um... #18 is totally true (but they are good beats, I struggle to admit). I knew what you were talking about in #19 (and I don't think it makes you old... just seasoned). Unfortunately, I don't agree with you on #21. I've never loved chocolate... but I will say we can replace that with Krispy Kreme donuts... or cheesecake... and then I could agree with that statement. Hope things continue to go well! (And I hope you still appreciate brunettes).