Thursday, October 14, 2010


I realized that 10/10/10 occurred just a few days ago, and I wanted to honor that by giving you 3 Top Ten lists of things current:

(1) Top Ten Things I Did On 10/10/10

1. Woke up at 11:30 and read through my Sunday School lesson.
2. Sat in Sacrament Meeting with Travis, first time in a month.
3. Got to play the closing hymn on the organ.
4. Taught Sunday School class on scriptural praises for Jesus in Isaiah.
5. Had dinner with Vivic, Karen, and BJ who's visiting from out of town.
6. Spent the evening with the above 3 plus Sailau, Fou, Ammon, Kilisitina, and Mikaele.
7. Took a 4 hour nap!
8. Spoke to Audge and Brayviun on the phone.
9. Watched a "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" DVD with Ammon. Oh, Toodles!!
10. Put my 3-year old nephew to bed by cuddling with him.

(2) Top Ten Things On My Mind Right Now

1. President Boyd K. Packer's talk from General Conference
2. The 33 miners that were trapped in that mine in Chile for 69 days
3. How crazy Ezekiel Clinard is, haha. Love your face.
4. My first piano lesson with JJ Graves this Friday.
5. The awesome gig we had tonight at the Robin Hood in Union, WA.
6. A crazy game called "KFM" that I played tonight with the boys.
7. My good mate's EP that was just released on itunes! The band's called "Time You Exist," and the record is called "Are You Boys Looking For Anything In Particular?" Go GET IT!!!
8. How exciting it will be to hang with Jerremy and Tommy this weekend!
9. My doctor's appointment on Friday, my first in YEARS!
10. How terribly messy my bedroom is right now.

(3) Top Ten Songs I Can't Get Enough Of RIGHT NOW!

1. "Two Way Cul-de-sac" - Time You Exist
2. "Undertow" - Timbaland feat. The Fray and Esthero
3. "Touch" - Natasha Bedingfield
4. "Wrong Man For The Job" - JoJo
5. "Hello, Good Morning" - P. Diddy feat. T.I. and Rick Ross
6. "You're The One" - Dondria
7. "Waiting For The End" - Linkin Park
8. "Backin' Up Song" - The Gregory Brothers
9. "Black Sheep" - Metric feat. Brie Larson
10. "Limit To Your Love" - Feist

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Mrs. Boojwa said...

Is it sad that I don't know any of those songs on your list??? I feel so out of the loop. I suppose that happens when you live in the middle of nowhere.

Btw, what are your thoughts about Pres. Packers talk? Its kinda sad to see what is happening to his name...