Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yours (JD's Song)

I can't seem to go a single night
Without you crossing my mind
It shouldn't come as a surprise
Baby, I can't lie

I think I've fallen pretty hard
For the way you always roll your "R's"
For the songs you sing to me in the car
For the wonderful man I've met so far
Baby, you're a star

I want you to know I see it...

I see your good, I see your mean
I see it
I see your strong, I see your weak
I see it
And I'm enjoying the view
May I please share this picture with you

I wanna be...
I gotta be...
I need to be...
I wanna be...
If you'll have me...

You, you probably should know the truth
You're beautiful, and super smart, too
I love the crazy things you do
You're too good to be true

Even though sometimes you're strange to me
I love all your OCD's
Like your stupid diet and workout routine
The diva-attitude you give me
You're driving me crazy

But I want you to know I still feel you

I feel your hot, I feel your cold
I feel it
I feel your come, I feel your go
I feel it
And I'm not running away
Baby, I'm here to stay

All you have to say is I'm...
If you ask me to, I'm...
If you feel the same, I'm...
Just say the word, I'm...
If you'll have me...

I love your pearly perfect smile
I love it
Your Mex-Italiano style
I love it
Your freakin hair, your underwear
Your I-don't-care-what-you-think glare
I love it all
All of it

I wanna be...
I gotta be...
I need to be...
If you'll have me...


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