Monday, July 5, 2010

Amazing/Crazy/Fun/Interesting/Awesome Things I've Done/Witnessed/Had Happen To Me For The First/Second/Millionth Time Over The Last 30 Days/Nights

* Offered food to a bum, and had it rejected... twice!

* Wrote a song for a boy I liked, and played & sang it to him for his birthday.

* Had a great time on my least favorite holiday.

* Taught a Sunday School lesson where we compared "adultery" to the act of one gardener "fertilizing" the tree of another gardener's. It was hilarious!

* Attended "Hemp Fest" with friends. Left low (that's the opposite of high, right?).

* Even though I couldn't see the bottom of it, I jumped into a lake. P.S. I can't swim...

* Also went kayaking. And rowed a boat. And got a swimming lesson.

* And jumped off of a rope-swing. Had a blast at the lake house!

* Learned the Napoleon Dynamite dance so I could teach it to a couple for part of their 1st Dance!

* Shot Roman candles at my brother. Problem is he shot back, and got a couple really great shots at my chest, forehead, and just under my eye. Haha.

* Watched Matt Dillon's 1980 breakout film "My Bodyguard;" it's now in my Top 10 Faves of all time.

* Had my high school Senior Prom picture resurface. My date posted it on Facebook. I'm posting it here. It is now officially immortalized...

* Landed a pro gig, performing as a singer! You'll never guess where, either!

* Committed to attending a friend's Wedding reception. I hate weddings, but I love this bride and groom!

* Had two straight guys fight over who was going to take me out on a date first. One of them bribed me by giving me a flexing show, and letting me massage his butt.

* Sat in a crowd of Mormon kids at a hotel swimming pool in just my undies. We played drinking games with Thomas Kemper sodas, and almost got thrown out of the pool area for it. :)

* Went to my first Pride Parade in Seattle. Had a great lunch at Von's, danced in pink booty shorts in the fountain, and got kissed by 10 boys, plus 1 straight guy!

* Traded my Coach wallet for a Twilight: Eclipse wallet! Team Edward!

* Fell in love with Fleetwood Mac, Kelly Rowland, Eminem, Rene Clausen, Neil Diamond, Simon & Garfunkel, Jordin Sparks, Passion Pit, Celine Dion, Train, and of course, the Glee Cast.


Sean said...

Nice pictures!

howleanne said...

I heart you J-MOSE!!!